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Spiritual skills
Wind elemental skills
Fire elemental skills
Earth elemental skills
Water elemental skills

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Note: 1000 cast time units equal 1 second at 1 dex - unfortunately I don't know how cast time decreases with increasing dex.

This Mage/Wizard skill point calculator was written by Abraxa. It's optimized for IE4+ and might work bad/not at all with NS/Opera even though in theory it should.
Feel free to use portions of the code for own projects, but please give me credit for it if my code makes up a significant amount of your project.
No modificated versions are to be put on other webpages without my permission as I will try to have this version represent the most accurate information at any time.
You're welcome to mail me for notes/suggestions/constructive criticism/basically anything except rants.

Credits go to Oria and Princess Momo as I used their Mage/Wizard guides to gather the data from.

Change log:
11/Feb/2003: Updated some skills and added the level of class change indicator
05/Feb/2003: Updated the engine for more flexibility
25/Aug/2002: Printer optimized version added
06/Aug/2002: Took me long enough, but it's finally in: skill descriptions :)
27/Jul/2002: Manual added
24/Jul/2002: Support for mixed skill point distribution added; One-click-fulfilling of skill requirements added
15/Jul/2002: Stats are now being saved in a cookie (remove)
14/Jul/2002: Initial publication

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