The person who builds this thing is from Germany and 20 years old. His name is Søren and to studies electronical engineering. As I'm sure you're somewhat more interested in yume this should be enough info - however if you want to know more you may contact me at Abraxa@NOSPAM@DaR-clan.de.


Just in case you wonder what yume is: yume is a standalone mp3-player which is based on a PC that runs win32 and winamp. It's purpose is to provide music anywhere - at home, in any car, on a party... as long as you have a 230V or 12V power source available. It can play mp3s from a maximum of four drives, in my case one HDD and one CDROM which enables it to play (and rip) music-CDs as well.

The complete list of yume's features and its hardware configuration can be read in the software and hardware sections, respectively.

You may ask what the meaning of 'yume' is - it's Japanese and stands for 'dream'. I chose this name because I love Japan, because it sounds really good and because yume is my personal dream of building something great with features not seen anywhere else ;-)


Well... why would a poor student like me want to build such a thing?
The reasons that convinced me were:

Of course there are several things you should also have in mind: