5. FAQ

Q: When I run yumeControl.exe it does nothing - even the main window does not appear. What's wrong?
A: If this happens yumeControl can't find winamp. You may put both in the same directory or set the winampPath value in the yumeControl.ini manually.

Q: If I start playing winamp plays one song but doesn't play the next one. Why?
Q: Sometimes winamp stops playing after a track and doesn't continue. Why?

A: Increasing the value of the delayOnTrackEnd setting in yumeControl.ini should help. The backgrounds why this may happen are explained in the fourth chapter of the documentation: see 'delayOnTrackEnd'.

Q: Sometimes when I setup something in the volume & eq menu there appears a window and I have to close it for yumeControl to be able to setup something.
A: If this happens windows can't respond to the simulated mouse clicks as fast as needed. Try setting the 'clickSimulationDelay' value (in yumeControl.ini) to 30 or higher - be aware that the higher the value is, the slower yumeControl will respond to the changes you make to some volume & eq settings (chronotron, AVC).

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