3.2. The options menu

Purpose: here you can change several options that affect the behavior of yume.

Usage: move the black bar to the entry you want to change and press enter. Now press the cursor keys until the desired value is being displayed. Press enter again to set the option to the new value.

Item explanations:
-> autoplay after power-up: sets whether yume should continue playing where it left when you switched it off

-> time display: decides if yume should display the elapsed or remaining time

-> shuffle: toggles between shuffle and normal playing (= in sequence)

-> shuffle mode: chooses between the use of assessments (determine next song by considering a track's assessment) and the use of the non-repeat feature (all tracks in the playlist are played only once). Works only when shuffle is enabled.

-> repeat: sets the repeat mode: off, repeat current track, repeat whole playlist

-> ffwd/rwd step width: this value determines the amount of time yumeControl will jump forward/backward in the current played track if you press the fast forward/rewind keys.

-> length of fade-in when unpausing: yumeControl features soft pausing which means that if you continue playing (= unpausing) the track does not play at full volume, instead it is slowly getting louder. How fast this is being done is determined by this switch.

-> display GFX: toggles the display GFX (I'm not sure if they will ever be implemented but yumeControl is prepared)

-> inactivity time before GFX start: sets the time of inactivity (= no keypress) after which the display GFX will be shown. They will only be shown if you are in the track info display, not when you are in a menu.

-> reset menus on menu key: if this is set to 'on' everytime you press the menu key the main menu will appear with the cursor in the upper left corner. If it's set to 'off' the menu control will remember where you have been when you pushed the menu key - the cursor position is remembered as well.

Notes: the small arrows at the top and bottom of the display show that you get to another page when moving the bar into their direction.

State of development: complete. New options may be added, however.

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