3.9. The restrictions menu

Purpose: yume is designed to be used on parties as well - to protect your mp3 archive, your playlists and keep the peace you can setup some restrictions in this menu.

Usage: same as options menu, except you change the value of one item: if you want to leave the menu you have to validate that you have the right to do this by passing a safe-lock-style check. The default unlock code is 3R5L3R which means that you have to:

  1. turn the wheel 3 steps CW (= 3x cursor right) and push it (= enter)
  2. turn the wheel 5 steps CCW (= 5x cursor left) and push it (= enter)
  3. turn the wheel 3 steps CW (= 3x cursor right) and push it (= enter)

You can set the unlockCode parameter in the yumeControl.ini by yourself, but there are some rules you must follow:
a) first the number of steps, then the direction
b) only the first direction (L = turn left = CW; R = turn right = CCW) is evaluated, the rest is ignored and yumeControl will change the direction automatically. This means that when the code is 5L3L7R yumeControl will reject your combination when you enter 5CW/3CW/7CCW because it expects 5CW/3CCW/7CW (which is equal to 5L3R7L).

The length of the code combination is not limited but beware that you may have to input it when everyone is standing around you - since you have to count every turn it may get confusing when you have to change the direction 6 or 7 times.

Item explanations:
-> lock eject: prevent the CD from being ejected

-> lock playlist: the current playlist may be only viewed but not changed

-> lock file management: the file management menu is not accessible any more so no one can copy/move/rename/delete files and create/delete/rename directories

-> forbid track skipping: when being on parties I LOVE people that stop the current playing track just to play one that they want to hear. With this restriction turned on this is not possible anymore because every track is played until it has finished. This was meant when I said that you can keep the peace because no one (except you ;-) can change the track currently playing. -> forbid power-off: if you set this restriction to 'yes' you cannot shutdown by pushing the power button on the case. The only way to shutdown yume now is to pull the power plug :-)
This is for party-use as well - imagine the music disappearing all of a sudden only because someone accidentially touched the power button...

Notes: you cannot shutdown yume when being in the restrictions menu due to security reasons.

State of development: complete, however I may add some other restrictions.

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