3.12. Some notes on the track info display

Since yumeControl v0.3 the track info display has a popup menu where you can access the most important functions needed to control the playback.

You can reach it by pressing the wheel once (or pressing enter on the keyboard). When it is shown you can control it with the wheel and the UP button which brings you back to the previous menu level.

Hint: you don't have to leave the menu by using the 'leave menu' entry, you can also leave the menu by pressing the UP button.

The functions of the menu entries are:
-> ffwd/rwd step width: this value determines how far the wheel will jump forward (or backward) when in ffwd/rwd mode and rotated one step further.

-> set assessment: this function is to edit the assessment of the current played track, where '--' is the worst rating a track can receive and '++' the best.

-> edit ID3 tag: choosing this entry lets you edit the ID3 tag(s) of the current played track.

-> jump to position: this function lets you jump to a specific position within the track without having to use the fast forward function of the wheel. It also allows you to specify this position up to a precision of 1msec and pauses the player if you wish, so that you can start playback at exactly the position you want (I'm sure you want to disable the soft unpausing feature then - by setting it to 0secs).

-> jump to PL position: here you can jump to any position within the playlist. The name of the selected track is shown on the bottom of the popup menu's box.

-> leave menu: quite obvious, I think :-)

Please note that the 'reset menus on menu key' option also affects the popup menu of the TID.

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