3.3. The volume & eq menu

Purpose: setting up the volume, the chronotron, the eq and the AVC.

Usage: move the small vertical arrow to the item you want to change and press enter. Now press the cursor keys until the item value changed to the desired state/value and press enter again.

Notes: the small arrows at the left and right border of the display show that you reach another page when moving the vertical arrow into the direction of the horizontal arrow.

The equalizer should be switched off (or all frequencies set to 0%) when the AVC is active because the eq comes before the AVC and thus letting the AVC compensate the changes the eq made, which may sound weird. If you want to know what I mean just enable both and set the 60Hz slider to +100%: there will be only a small or even no increase of bass volume, depending on the settings of the AVC... however the volume decreases at low compression due to the enormous rise in dynamics.

Item explanations:
-> the Chronotron DSP plugin is a time-stretcher which enables you to slow down or speed up the music without changing its pitch.
-> the AVC (automatic volume compressor) brings all music coming from winamp to the same volume by changing the dynamic range and the amplification.

State of development: complete, however I may replace the chronotron by a more powerful plugin.

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